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b. Riga, Latvia.


Graduated from Latvian Art Academy in 1985 (MFA in Ceramics).

Member of IAC since 2001.


Freelance artist, working with high temperature porcelain. Ilona has held 20 solo shows, over 50

International Juried Competitions, over 30 group exhibitions, winning 8 awards, including: “Mino’95”

Competition in Japan; 6th Taiwan Golden Ceramics Awards in 2000; Icheon World Ceramic Biennale in

2001, 2003; “6th international Small teapot Competition”, Grand Prize, Pomona Ceramics Museum, CA,

USA in 2014.


24 International Collections of Ceramics including: ICS Kecskemet, Hungary; Taipei County Ceramics

Museum, Taiwan; FLICAM, Fuping, China;

Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH, USA.


Leading Plaster Mold making and China Painting Masterclasses, lectures and presentations at

Universities and Art Centers in Latvia, Hungary, USA, China, Australia, Turkey, Israel. Regularly invited as

artist-in-residence and to International Symposia.

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